Saturday, July 9, 2011

Quick Hello

Sorry for the lack of posting- I'm still not really sure if there's anyone out there!?! If you are I'd love to hear from you. I just updated my training page. I ran a really fun 5k today. It felt awesome and I pr'ed (18:49). I went in to it as just a training run- meaning that I would be running around 7 minute pace. Well- I ended up running a little faster than expected. I love racing and when I get into racing mode I just get competitive and thats the zone I got into today- it was awesome!!! I actually won a pair of sneakers which was exciting.  I will write another post soon- things have been hectic and I actually am heading to Virginia tomorrow unfortunately for my grandfathers funeral. I hope that everyone has been doing well and again- if anyone's out there- love to hear from you!

What gets your competitive spirit going?
Just being in a race- I love picking out people then chasing after them!

What would be your favorite "race prize?"
Pretty much anything- it's just fun racing no matter what

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