I joined my school's track team as a sophomore in college for pole vaulting. I used to do gymnastics, so this was a sport that came naturally to me. My PR last year was 10'6" but I struggled with competing and the lack of experience I had due to the fact that I never pole vaulted in high school.

I stumbled upon distance running a year ago when I stayed at school for summer research. I began running with two of my teammates (cross country and distance girls) to stay in shape for pole vaulting. I soon found that I loved running. I loved the freedom it brought with it and the relationships I built last summer running and chatting for 40-80 minutes. I decided to join my school's cross country team after deliberation with the head track and field coach and tried to switch back to pole vaulting for indoor track. As one may surmise, this was a hard transition and I decided to become a "full time" distance runner. 

This spring I ran my first track race every in the 3,000 meter steeple chase. I love this event and hope to excel at it this spring track with more base training and a year of experience under my belt. I've learned to love the competition of cross country and steeplechase and look forward to this year. Ultimately, I feel that running is a life long sport and I hope to continue doing it for as long as possible.