Sunday, July 17, 2011

Updated training log!

Just updated my training log and race highlights. The last week has been a whirlwind of emotions and traveling. My grandfather passed away a week from Friday so I flew down to Virgina with my mom and brother for the wake and funeral service which were on Monday and Tuesday (my dad had been in Virginia since before July 4th when my grandather went into the hospital). The burial was actually in Syracuse, NY which occured on Thursday. It was a tough week emotionally. It was also a little stressful since I had to miss a week of work.

 I drove back to school on Friday and went into the lab around 9pm. I also got to see my boyfriend! He's been at school for the past week and a half helping coach a soccer camp.  Yesterday there our track team held it's annual Summer Run- it's basically a run put together by the head coach for any townies or students on campus, but the primary participants are cross country and distance runners. It's a fun weekend though because everyone comes back to campus and after the race we all go out. The race went really well- I ran 18:36 for the 3 mile race. Afterwords we enjoyed a feast of subs, pizza, fresh fruit, pretzels, and LOTS of water- it was HOT.

I haven't really been taking many pictures- here are a few photos of tonights dinner. A few of the girls who stayed with me overnight went on a run this morning- a grueling 8.5 miles- it was HOT. We made the mistake of going at 11 so we got to run at the hottest point in the day- hungover- soo much fun. Anyway, all day I can't stop drinking water and I've been ravenous.

Since it's been awhile I don't know if I've mentioned that my mom bought me an ice cream maker! I tested it out a few days after bringing it home with the help of Allie's recipe. I just mixed equal parts plain yogurt and plain greek yogurt along with some cinnamon, vanilla, blueberries and strawberries- it was delicious!

Here's another random photo of lunch- same as usual- turkey and roast beef sandwich along with some carrot fries (juts sliced of carrots grilled on my george foreman).

Does anyone have any suggestions or recipes for my ice cream machine?

What are your favorite add ins to ice cream or frozen yogurt?

Done any fun races recently?

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