Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Sorry for the three day hiatus. I went home again this weekend and even though I go home to relax I find that my weekends end up being crazy busy! I also tend to forget to bring my camera therefore I don't have any pictures.. I will try to work on this!

I did manage to take a few from breakfast and dinner yesterday:
I made these over night oats with a new ingredient:
Myoplex Original
I used 1/3 cup of this, 1/3 cup of oats, 1/2 tbs. chia seeds, and 1/3 cup of Fage greek yogurt- they came out VERY thick but I thought they tasted awesome! Recently I received a case of these drinks in the mail- I must have signed up for some promotion? Because I don't recall ever ordering them and the billing slip that came in the box said charge: $0.00. I didn't question it- I've just been using them :) They taste alright, alone they do have a bit of  protein bar taste- my dad described it as "metallic-y"- however they have awesome nutrition stats and are a great post workout recovery drink. I also think they would make a tasty smoothie with a frozen banana or other fruit and some nut butter.

Serving Size: 17 fl oz (500 mL)
Amount Per Serving% DV*% RDI
Nutrient Data
Energy, Cal: 300
Energy from Fat, Cal: 60
Fat, g: 711 
   Saturated Fat, g: 1
   Trans Fat, g: 0
Cholesterol, mg: 25
Sodium, mg: 28012 
Potassium, mg: 87025 
Carbohydrate, g: 19
   Dietary Fiber, g: 624 
   Sugars, g: 2
Protein, g: 4284 

 For lunch I made a delicious sandwich of Wegmans organic turkey, roast beef, lettuce tomato, mustard, and hot sauce on rye bread. I ate this along with some baby carrots and fresh picked strawberries (!) which I unfortunately forgot to photograph.

Dinner was made on my George Foreman. I've been seeing a lot of "pizzas on the grill" so I decided I would make due with what I had and attempt it. I used a flatout wrap, tomato sauce, muenster cheese, and frozen microwaved broccoli. First I put the flatout on the grill and and "pressed it" for a few minutes until it started to crisp up and I saw those awesome lines the grill makes on it. Meanwhile, I heated up some tomato sauce, and the vegetables. I spread the sauce on, tore up and put the cheese on, the placed the warm vegetables on top. I kept the grill open in order to avoid making a massive mess. It worked out perfectly- the cheese melted nicely, the vegetables were cooked, and the flatout got nice and crispy. I will definitely be doing this again.

Well, I will be posting later today. hope you all had a great weekend and got through Monday alright!

What are some things you've made on a george foreman type grill?

Do you like protein shakes/ is there a certain brand you tend to buy?

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