Saturday, June 11, 2011

Wine tasting

It started storming today around two as my parents and I were on our way to go to some garden with peacocks!

This put a little kink in our plans so we decided that it was the perfect day to go to my first wine tasting! We figured it would be best to have some food in our stomachs first so we went to Panera to get a late lunch. The Panera strawberry poppyseed salad is back for the summer! This is one of my favorite salads so of course it's what I got along with a bag of Panera's delicious chips.

We also stopped by one of my favorite shoe stores in Collegetown. They have a great selection of Birkenstocks, Frye boots, and sandals. I was in need of some flip flops so I bought a pair of plain black Reefs. 

I had my eyes on a pair of Frye boots, but unfortunately they didn't have my size (and they cost about $300). Maybe some day when I'm not a poor college student. 

After these two stops we went to Sheldrake Point Winery. Since I turned twenty-one in May this was the first time I had ever done a wine tasting. When I was younger I used to love eating the wine crackers they give you for between tastings. 

Today however, I had a flight of three red and three white wines. My favorite was the Pinot Gris. My parents even bought me a bottle to take back to school. I'm not a huge fan of red wines but I did enjoy the Lucky Stone red which was a lighter red wine. 

We just had a great dinner of tenderloin with Montreal steak rub, shrimp, salad, asparagus, and corn on the cob (my first of the season). It was all delicious and definitely worth the two and a half hour drive home. I'm off to watch some Mad Men with my parents then maybe have a Skinny Cow? Hope you all have a great Saturday night! By the way visit Carrie's giveaway at Moves N' Munchies!

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